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The Future of Suburban Entrepreneurs

One of the current issues facing suburban areas is the need to travel outside the neighborhood to gain access to different brick-and-mortar establishments where they can relax, dine, and shop with their family and friends.

The future outlook for these suburban areas might look bleak at the moment but it doesn’t need to be a permanent future outlook. With a little re-planning and rezoning, a forward-thinking attitude, and an open-mind, the future can be quite promising for the suburban neighborhood.

Entrepreneurship is fast becoming the mode of modern-day living. Individuals have begun establishing home-based businesses that tend to cater to online customers. So why not try to make some suburban changes that would benefit home-based businesses as well?

One design company actually had the forward-thinking attitude of proposing that the suburban neighborhood be re-planned and rezoned to accommodate the possible establishment of home-based businesses.

Realistically, the idea of interspersing business establishments within a suburban community actually provides more than one benefit.

Less Travel Time

Don’t you hate how much time you spend sitting in your vehicle while waiting for the traffic to abate? Or that you have to leave earlier or later than usual just to avoid the daily hassle of going through a traffic jam?

With the proposed re-planning and rezoning of suburban areas, the suburban dweller can be spared the headache cause by traffic. They also won’t have the need to frequently use their cars just to reach their destinations, which is currently mostly situated outside the suburban neighborhood.

Having restaurants, shops, and even boutique farms within walking distance equates to less vehicle travel time thus more time spent for things that really need their attention. Figuratively speaking, it literally would be just like a walk in the park.

Community Interaction

There was a time that every person living in a suburban area knew everyone, even if they lived 3-5 houses away. Sadly, those days are almost gone due to poor modern-day suburban planning and zoning.

Home-based businesses in a re-planned and rezoned suburbia can help bring life back to community interactions. The establishments can be run by local residents giving them a chance to get to know their neighbors better.

Business owners who are new to the place can also get to know their customers better compared to the owners of businesses located in highly urbanized areas due to the frequency of visit.

Customers, for their part, get the special treatment they always deserve because the business owner would become familiar with their preferences. It’s a win-win situation both ways!

Increased Sustainability

Re-planning and rezoning the suburban area doesn’t only concern itself with the brick-and-mortar stores and suburban housing. It will also concern itself with the public transit routes.

This, in theory, would allow the residents to conveniently travel between the re-planned and rezoned suburbia and the highly urbanized area with more efficiency.

Overall, the proposed re-planning and rezoning of suburban areas to make it a thriving entrepreneur suburbia doesn’t seem too far-fetched and does beg consideration for future implementation.

Let Reburbia know your thoughts on this proposal. We’d love to hear from you!

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