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Vertical Brick Gardening Habitats

One may say that there are two major concerns of the modern world. These would be the availability of living spaces and the worsening environmental conditions caused by climate change.

Space is one commodity in the modern world that has become quite expensive due to its limited availability. In addition, we always hear the statement “go green” which means that there is a persistent need to cultivate more plants.

The question that begs to be answered would be “how to go green without using any additional space?”

One possible way would be via vertical brick gardening, which is slowly becoming quite popular nowadays.

Vertical brick gardening is very ideal for suburban neighborhoods since they already have the space. They just have to learn how to maximize the space.

With vertical brick gardening, the average suburban resident can basically create a vertical garden made of bricks. You can create the garden in areas that are not commonly used.

The good thing about this type of gardening is that you can also save on water consumption without sacrificing the plant’s water requirement. The last thing you need would be having dried up plants because they weren’t provided with enough water.

You need only water the first few rows of the vertical garden from the top. The water would then trickle down to the other plants in the rows below.

You can plot an assortment of plants that you can place along the vertical rows depending on their water requirements while putting a variety of foliage.

For instance, you can add plants with high water requirement at the top, with moderate water requirement at the middle, and the occasional watering requirement at the bottom row. Don’t hesitate to ask your local gardening center for tips on which plants would work best for your idea.

The use of brick materials also helps you build a more solid and long-lasting foundation. Although vertical gardening using plastic containers are already quite popular, vertical gardens using bricks adds a certain charm that a plastic bottle just can’t give you.

Vertical gardening using brick materials not only adds more character to brick homes, but you can use your existing brick wall as a part of the foundation.

But don’t throw out that plastic bag and plastic bottle just yet. Did you know that you can make a brick out of those as well?

Yes, there are now a number of online tutorials on how to make bricks out of recycled plastic materials. By using plastic recyclable materials, you get to contribute your fair share in saving the environment from additional pollutants.

One design proposal actually had built in animal or bird habitats while another also offered a water fountain feature to break the monotony of simply looking at plants. After all, a garden won’t be complete without its fair share of wildlife and a water fountain.

Do you have an idea for a vertical brick garden design? Or do you have any questions that I can help with? Send me an email at Reburbia. I would definitely love to exchange thoughts and ideas with you.


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