About Reburbia

Hi and Welcome to Reburbia!

My name is Mike K. Jones and I’m an architect with an interest in redesigning living spaces particularly in the suburban neighborhood, which led me to create my blog “Reburbia”.

With the constant increase in population and the limit of availability of living spaces, it isn’t a wonder that we try to think of possible changes that needs to be made to improve the quality of living…even if it means that we need to come up with space-saving designs.

Here at Reburbia, we’ll be discussing the future of the suburban neighborhoods including future design concepts that can and, hopefully, will be used in the near future. No design is too traditional or too noveau for Reburbia.

I also invite you, dear reader, whether you are an architect or simply an individual interested in planning and designing to send me your thoughts on how you envision your future suburban neighborhoods.

I’ll also be launching design competitions where you can submit your entry  that your fellow readers can vote on. You get a chance to win bragging rights and even some good stuff that can help motivate the future architect in you.

Sounds fun! I’m sure it will be! Let’s start planning and redesigning, shall we?