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    Suburban Neighborhoods Go Green

    More often than not, a suburban neighborhood comprised houses with lawns and a small amount of space in-between houses. Unless the homeowner loves gardening, these spaces tend to stay unused, except for the occasional party that makes use of the space.

    If you love gardening and spend a significant amount of time planting ornamental and flowering plants, why not set aside a part of your garden to become a mini-farm?

    It is definitely  one way to add sustainability to your environment. Plus, you know that the produce is pesticide free since you can cultivate the plants using organic planting methods and make use of home-made solutions to keep your plants disease and pest free.

    Nowadays, there are a number of do-it-yourself environment friendly kits that you can use for treatment of sewage water and biodegradable waste. These can be used to water and fertilize your garden thus making everything recyclable….resulting to you being more sustainable in the long run.

    If everyone in the neighborhood gets into the home gardening idea, you can create a committee to oversee and organize a mini fresh produce market at the end of the week or at least twice a month.

    This will encourage others in your neighborhood to try their hand at gardening as well. The idea of being able to join a local event and at the same time earning additional cash can be a great enticement for people who have yet to consider.

    Even urban residents take their time to visit out-of-the-way events if it seems promising and they will be coming back again and again as long as the quality of the products sold are high.

    Admittedly gardening is not everyone’s cup of tea. For people who aren’t into gardening but have other hobbies or interests, they can showcase their other talents by producing baked or homemade goodies that would surely draw their own set of customers.

    Individuals who love to dabble in arts and crafts can also join in the fun by providing a short teaching session for a nominal fee.

    An alternative option would be to nominate one home to offer market produce year-round for easy access by the local residents.

    Worried about passing vehicles? You and your fellow suburbia residents can choose the end of the street to use as the venue to avoid oncoming vehicle traffic.

    It will also lessen the possible traffic build-up compared to a venue situated right in the middle of the neighborhood. Having fun and keeping safe at the same time is quite an enjoyable experience.

    It might take awhile for the fresh market news to spread but once it does, you and your neighbors will surely begin to draw in crowds beyond your suburban neighborhood.

    At the end of the day, everyone will feel good to have contributed their share in going green with the added bonus of getting additional income as a result of their hard work.

    Do you need to advertise your upcoming market day so nearby suburban or urban residents can also visit? Contact me at Reburbia and I’ll be happy to help spread the word out.…

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    Redesigning Interstates One Freeway at a time

    Urban (and suburban)  planning has come a long way from the traditional way of expanding housing, industrial and recreational facilities in a lateral direction.

    Don’t get me wrong. Expanding laterally is well and good, but with the lack or increase in the price of land to expand on as a future concern, one possible idea would be to expand from the bottom up.

    If you noticed, highly industrial countries have actually begun to expand from the bottom up. You’ll see the continuous rise of high-rise buildings in their attempt to maximize available space without potentially occupying more land.

    This brings us to the current existence of unused land. If you take a trip on the freeway, you might have noticed the wide expanse of land that remains unused, which seems to be a waste of resources. So why not consider reclaiming these unused lands one freeway interstate at a time?

    One forward thinking individual actually thought of the number of ways that these unused lands can be used to the benefit of modern-day population.

    We can begin by cultivating crops that can be used as either food or biofuel resources depending on the type of soil available and the compatible crop that can be introduced.

    The unused land can also be used for more than just plant cultivation. Take for instance their use for housing accommodations where sturdy poles with solar cells and wind turbines as an energy source can be built.

    These solar cells and wind turbines would help harness energy in its natural form as well as lessen the use of fossil fuels and oil that can cause an impact on our carbon imprint.

    These “sturdy poles” can serve as the main frame to build houses, which will definitely help address housing problems that are plaguing modern-day civilization. We’ve already some homes created and designed from simple cargo containers…so why not houses built on poles?

    Since there is little to no land occupied by these accommodations, it would equate to lower housing cost compared to houses built at the ground level. The advances in technology can definitely make the construction of such houses happen.

    If you are worried about noise pollution, remember that the higher you get, the more distant you are from the noise regardless of how busy the freeway or interstate traffic might become.

    Can you imagine owning a home that is uniquely designed and built, using natural energy resources, and smack dab in the middle of the interstate? I know I can imagine it and am actually quite excited to see this plan come into fruition.

    Admittedly, it will definitely take some time for a proposed plan such as this to happen. However, with forward-thinking individuals, I believe that it can definitely happen. Not now, but soon…definitely soon.

    Do you have any thoughts on how this idea can be improved? Have you thought of the possible issues that may come up during the planning and construction period if it does happen? Let me know by contacting me at Reburbia!…