Suburban living is not as it once was. With the rising cost of living, inflation rates, and so much more, the modern-day suburban neighborhoods have been affected in more ways than one.

I’m a firm believer that there is a solution to every problem. So why not try and re-design the suburban neighborhood? There definitely is more to just the traditional look and planning that we’ve grown up with.

It is with this belief that I decided to launch a contest for readers like you.

Whether you are:

A student interested in designing and architecture;

A budding architect with a futuristic imagination;

A designer with an eye for detail;

A person who tends to think way ahead of the times;

A planner bursting with possible ideas; or

A future-forward engineer


I’m sure that you’ll want to enter Reburbia’s design competition where finalists get to be voted on by your fellow readers.

The competition is open to readers worldwide. Each participant can submit at least 3 different design ideas. Submit your design proposal with special focus on one suburban concern and your resolution. Include 4 images in jpeg format. The winners will be chosen based on:

Visual appeal of the renderings;

Clarity of presentation for the resolution; and

Design usefulness

Each competition will run for one month to give ample time for readers to read through each design proposal and make their final choice.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? What are you waiting for? Let those imaginations roll and send your entry to Reburbia once competition opens!